EVENT: Worship With Gbenga Adenuga #WWGA July Edition || @gbengaadenuga - PRAISECAMP ENT.

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EVENT: Worship With Gbenga Adenuga #WWGA July Edition || @gbengaadenuga

How time flies!! #WWGA : Worship With Gbenga Adenuga is here again. Come Sunday July 12th, at 5pm, the Agip Hall of the MUSON center i...

How time flies!! #WWGA: Worship With Gbenga Adenuga is here again. Come Sunday July 12th, at 5pm, the Agip Hall of the MUSON center in Lagos will go alive again. This is the 4th edition of the glorious series and it is gradually dragging with it every God lovers around town. People even travel in from far Edo State and Abuja! Cool!! Where else could you be on that day? What else could you be doing at that time? If you have not been there before, you have an opportunity now. If you have children, please take them along. #WWGA’s children’s department is just splendid. Hear what some WWGA people have to say:

"I am looking forward to the next concert because I was blessed and entertained at the last one. I've only attended one and I felt It was fun throughout it ended very fast. .. Well, "am sure you've heard time flies when you are having fun" in this case I had a lot of fun and I guess time also flew by without me noticing. Well, my heart was touched, especially by Gbenga's testimonies and I went back and read about sola Allyson and my faith got recharged. I learnt from Sola- GOD can use anybody no matter what you've been through if you yield to HIM. From Gbenga, prepare your Heart and be ready to go GOD will do the rest" - EMEKA

"Yes I am looking forward to it. The concerts are a wonderful and fun time praising God. Well, the concert in March was my first but the constant tripping off of the light at one point kind’a killed the experience but the next concert made up totally for that. I can testify to feeling really blessed from the last concert. All the ministrations especially that by Sola Allyson took it to a whole new level. I'd have happily stayed all night. You guys are doing a wonderful thing and I pray that God rewards each and every one of you not just in heaven but right here on earth too. God bless you" - OLAMIDE BANJOKO

"I attended the 3 editions of Lagos WWGA. I look forward to the next edition in July. There was never a dull moment at the 3 editions ‎. It was indeed a true worship. I felt the presence of God like never before. I have 3 kids‎. They attended the last edition. My kids had a nice time and the fact that mummy got collection of Gbenga Adenuga's songs was the height of the excitement. We play the CDs everyday on our way to and fro school. They have nicknamed Gbenga, UNCLE BENJAMIN (Mr Benjamin is their favorite track). They are particularly excited about the next one because summer holiday would have started so there won't be excuse to stay at home so as to sleep early while mummy attends alone. They have invited some of their friends to the next edition.  MY TESTIMONY: The last edition was awesome. Few days after the ‎concert, I wrote a professional Exam. The result was released last week, I PASSED. I give God the glory."ATINUKE BADEJO

This is one crazy place you want to be. God’s presence is raw, fun, joy, happiness are all mixed together. If you do not show up here, you are on your own.

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Date - Sunday, July 12, 2015 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM (WAT)

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