#PraiseCampMeets: The "Unrestricted" FLOROCKA || @FLOROCKA - PRAISECAMP ENT.

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#PraiseCampMeets: The "Unrestricted" FLOROCKA || @FLOROCKA

It's another edition of #PRAISECAMPMEETS , we are pumped with excitement to present this month's edition with the maestro of Gos...

It's another edition of #PRAISECAMPMEETS, we are pumped with excitement to present this month's edition with the maestro of Gospel rock, pop, soul - infact every known genre of music, also a pioneer in the Nigerian Gospel music industry. Ladies and gents, we have FLOROCKA in the housee! Catch the exclusive interview after the cut, as he speaks on his recent singles and upcoming album. LEGGO!!

PRAISECAMP: You seem not to have granted interviews for a while, any particular reason as why? 

FLOROCKA: Let's just say I've been in 'hibernation mode' for a while. Besides, there's been quite a lot I've been through in the past year and a half. I needed the break from media so as to re-strategize. After all, there's life after 'music'.

PRAISECAMP: You recently released the remix to one of your popular songs Bragadaba. You seem to be branching off from your usual style of praise and worship songs. What led to this departure? 

FLOROCKA: Very true. I am an artist with diverse expressions. The deviation you see is an offshoot of my numerous expressions which are quite unrestricted. It's very intentional.

PRAISECAMP: There seems to be a popular belief amongst Christians in Nigeria that being a Christian artist, your songs must be tailored by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and as such there are certain borders of genres you DARE not cross. What's your opinion? 

FLOROCKA: What really is music? First and foremost, music is an art. An artistic expression of varying melodies accompanied by subtle or drastic emotional impressions. I am an artist. My music is made up of my belief systems and experiences. Whether they cut across as religious or not is totally irrelevant. The crux of my music is the MESSAGE it carries. I don't believe that my religious beliefs should hinder my expressions of music. My message defines the genre of music I produce. If the message I hope to pass across borders on the topic of joy, fun and dance, and a dancehall beat is the most suitable wing upon which the message will fly? So be it. Music is a GLOBAL language. Ethnicity and/or religion should be tools of expressions of an artist's music, not a barrier.

PRAISECAMP: What's the title of your next album? 



FLOROCKA: Lol. I titled it that way simply because upon listening to the album, various impressions will be left upon your mind. The album has the capacity to leave you with positive effects of joy, deep thinking, encouragement, counsel and so much more. Songs such as 'Pamuregeji', 'Sokè Lokè', 'Maserekere' and 'Wetin Konsain You' are bound to leave you elated!

PRAISECAMP: What's the rationale behind titling your songs 'Wetin Konsain You', 'Maserekere' & 'Pamuregeji?' 

FLOROCKA: Why? Wetin konsain you!!! Hahaha. 'Wetin Konsain You' is quite an interesting story. It's almost a rhetorical question. It borders on the negative outlook certain people have on other people's lives. Some people would rather focus on the negatives in the lives of others rather than the positives. They'd rather break down your spirit as opposed to building you up. 'Pamuregeji' is a song of encouragement. Growing up as a boy scout and military personnel, we sang songs during our jogging hours that went like.. 'My name, my name my name.. Pamuregeji!' It was fun all the way! You know, life throws you curve balls and it could really leave you daunted. 'Pamuregeji' causes you to reflect and give thanks to God for all life throws at you. Trust me, it's an album to look forward to!

PRAISECAMP: You mentioned growing up as a military personnel. Can you further expantiate on this statement? 

FLOROCKA: Oh yes, I have a military upbringing. I attended Command Children's School Anns Barracks, Command Secondary School Jos and Nigeria Military School Zaria in Kaduna. My mum has a phobia for the military and as such refused for me to go further into the NDA (Nigerian Defense Academy).

PRAISECAMP: How many tracks are we to expect from the album 'IMPRESSIONS?' 

FLOROCKA: Hopefully 10. Though I have the tendencies of releasing more. I hope to behave this time around!

PRAISECAMP: Did you feature with any known acts? 

FLOROCKA: It's funny you asked! I did feature a few hands but not necessarily known acts per-se. I'm more particular about the individual that fits into the picture I'm trying to paint really. Featured so far are; GamiE, Pastor J and Sunkey. You'll find the vocals of Sunkey 'littered' almost everywhere! He's one of my favorite protégés! More acts may appear - keep your fingers crossed!

PRAISECAMP: Any plans of releasing any more singles before the official release of the album 'IMPRESSIONS?'
FLOROCKA: Yes, the next single to be released is 'Pamuregeji', and I am SUPER excited about it! I'm tired of groovin' to the song alone in the privacy of the car speakers! Lol.

PRAISECAMP: When is the official release of the entire album? 

FLOROCKA: The official release date of the 'IMPRESSIONS' album is tentatively slated for September 1st 2015.

PRAISECAMP: Rumour has it that your group SOTO (Sounds Of The OverFLO) are working on an album. How true is this? 

FLOROCKA: I have one answer to your question. Wetin Konsain You?

PRAISECAMP: Thank you so much sir for this rare honor and privilege. We are indeed grateful. God bless you sir

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