Music Magnate, Wilson Joel On "Gospel Artistes Vs Other Genre Of Artistes" [MUST READ] || @wilsonjoel

Greetings Praise Campers, first off we humbly apologize for the lateness of this post, it was due to our network provider's wahala. Alright! So Gospel music magnate, composer, producer & choir director, Wilson Joel took to his Official Facebook page to discuss a sensitive issue in the Gospel music entertainment ministry/industry - "Gospel Artistes Vs Other Genre Of Artistes." Now we are sharing this particularly for one reason, and that reason is quite simple - The truth contained in it. View post after the cut..


(I just might lose many folks who don't like the truth after this) ========== 

Before I go on let me state that I'm non-partisan on this matter as i need to be very fair. You see, I so much love all types of music but I have a problem with musicians who cannot stand for what they believe... Let me just Drop my Questions : 1. Why are Gospel Artistes not getting much attention (seeing that they sing or put out songs of Praise & Worship To God) and other genre of artistes get so much attention? 2. Why does it seem like there's no "Industry" for Gospel Music but other Genres have such a huge industry!? Hold on, don't mention the "devil"... 

Well here are my own answers : 1. The greed, Disloyalty, selfishness, Ego, Malice, Backbiting etc that has ravaged the Gospel Musicians is scary whilst these other genre of Musicians have so much Loyalty, cooperation, unity & networking working for them.... 2. As much as we want to blame the churches for the lack of Gospel Music Industry (Especially in Africa)....I beg to differ as no artiste can exhibit such characteristics in my answer above (1) and expect someone else to take them seriously. 

Asides that, the church's four walls is just a little part of the Industry Gospel Music needs... What's your own answer!? Please feel free to participate with very constructive criticisms.... (No Attacks Allowed, Any Attacker Will Be Fined) lol! 😅‎

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