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Tales Of "GAMiE" & His Double Album Blast || @GAMiEBEATJOCKEY

Unboxed and unpredictable; exploring the versatility of his God given potential. The Nigerian rapper, singer and music producer, GAMiE FKA...

Unboxed and unpredictable; exploring the versatility of his God given potential. The Nigerian rapper, singer and music producer, GAMiE FKA GameMan has turned to a new page of his career, mutating into a whole new dimension of awesomeness.

Most people would say “He came out of nowhere” but that’s an untrue statement. Everyone who has a big dream of success must undergo a long period of processing after which the full recognition comes - It's Game time - It's GAMiE's time!

Amongst a lot of rappers, lyricists and spoken word artistes, GAMiE proves to have mastered the artistry of pure poetry. As he has stepped into the scene and is ready to change the game!

THE GAMIE STORY [shared via Facebook]

I remember when I was a teenager and my mum would take us to church every sunday. I didn't like having to wear the same outfit or colours with my siblings, I'd grown tired of it. My mother my mentor, a fashion designer. She did her best to make us look good and that meant wearing the same fabric she had used to sew for us. You could spot us from afar. Plus we all look alike and sound alike too.

Anyway, she decided it was time to worship at a church closer to the house so we joined RCCG Glass House.

Teens church was always fun, I heard new things all the time and our teachers Bro Seyi Tailor and Sister Folusho just happened to have the answers to the questions on my mind. Trust me, as a teenager I had many questions.

I was drawn to music. I loved the drums, always have, and always will. I would look at the drummer play all through the service until I decided it was time to approach him. He helped me with a few lessons and soon I was playing for the teens church.

I later joined the choir and started singing. Shortly after that I discovered rap through a friend. We formed a group called Peculiar Treasure "(Boyz II Men) wanna bes". I loved rap, it came easy to me so I started learning the chemistry of words and how to write my own verses.

It wasn't long before we started thinking about recording in the studio. My best friend Deji got a desktop computer. He installed fruity loops and cool edit. We had lots of practice. Our little meant much. Oven fresh studio we called it. My friend's room had turned into a studio.

Then I met a producer by the name Dare David, we used to call him Divad back then. He opened his studio to me and produced my first official set of singles.

In 2006/07 my brother Wallz kept telling me it was time to hit the radio. I remember my first airplay on Unity 102.3 (Now Radio Continental). Dr Flavour the presenter compared my single "King is Coming" with one of Modenine's tracks. I sounded really hardcore on that track. I also did lots of free jingles for radio, in fact I was more popular for my jingles than my songs.

Then things got serious! My Producer left the country without informing me. A friend showed up at my door to break the news.

I was heart broken! Well, God made a way. My sister got us a desktop computer and I started learning how to produce my own songs. My brother Wallz also tried producing one or two beats but found out it wasn't his thing. We'd take turns on the system. I'd make beats all night while he'd play with photoshop all day.

We shared system even tried to upgrade it. From producing my own beats to selling beats to friends I was able to save up for my first laptop. A pentium 4. I used it to produce Riverside EP. The laptop would get so hot that you dare not touch or bring close to your body.

Did I mention how somewhere along the line I met FLO? Actually I watched FLO on TV talk about music and I just said in my heart that I'd love to work with this man. Truly God hears and answers prayer. I met FLO at Praiseville formerly known as Jazzville. He watched me perform on stage and he said he would sow a seed by producing one of my songs. An experience I can never forget. We got into the studio and produced the track "E wo won"

I think about all these events. The highs and lows. The process and the time it took to get to this point.

All I can say is, my gratitude goes BEYOND WORDS....

THE DOUBLE ALBUM [Beyond Words & T.T.S.S]

At a time when most artistes are skeptical about dropping albums. GAMiE goes against the odds to officially debut with not one album but two albums - BEYOND WORDS and T.T.S.S (Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy).

The albums are now available on online stores such as iTunes, Amazon, CD BABY and others. The double album "Beyond Words" & T.T.S.S was released on the 30th of October 2015.

BEYOND WORDS - a unique body of work that covers a wide range of genres. Each song captures and delivers highly addictive melodies. Musical experiences expressed with utmost sincerity. It’s a fusion of African and Western sounds. The Beyond Words Album not only shows a transformation process but also the transition of GAMEMAN to GAMiE.

[Purchase "Beyond Words" on iTunes: https://t.co/fwr87AGXxs]

T.T.S.S (Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy) - a ‘poetry in motion’ classic; an intellectual property for intellects. A reflection, a collection of thoughts and impressions. The “Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy” series is a classical art form; a bold display of uniqueness and daring experimental use of music. TTSS contains a mixture of rhythm and poetry where Hip-hop/Rap stretches even further than what you are used to.

[Purchase "T.T.S.S (Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy)" on iTunes: https://t.co/YJfKkPsOIp]

To buy the albums use the links below;

"Beyonds Words" album on iTunes. Click - https://t.co/fwr87AGXxs

"T.T.S.S (Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy)" on iTunes. Click - https://t.co/YJfKkPsOIp

"Beyond Words" album on CDbaby. Click - http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/gamie2

"T.T.S.S (Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy)" on CDbaby. Click -http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/gamie

FLO endorses the double album
TOLA Of Praiseworld Radio & Others flaunting their copies.
Provabs endorses!



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