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Tabitha Baba Fada known as Tabeetha Fada is a singer, and an unusual song writer with a firm control of her music which speaks hopes for tomorrow, being thankful for everything and rising up again whenever we fall -being resilient. Born in Kaduna state and now resides in the capital city, Abuja, Nigeria.

In her newest single 'I Go Make Am', Tabeetha notes "we all have fallen and failed somehow at some point, but we can still achieve what we want, no matter how much has been spent or wasted - time, money, resources... If we can believe, decide and work" that she says is what the song is about.

"I started writing and composing songs at a young age" Tabeetha explains "...and at about 7 years of age my sister and I released an album of praise and worship songs in kano state". She also noted " I have been involved with a couple of music groups, recorded background vocals for music artist home and abroad and still do".

She obviously did not stop there as in 2014 she released her debut singles 'No be me do am o' and 'Hopes for tomorrow' which can be found on , and on YouTube.

Tabeetha Fada intends to push further, creating songs that is sure to win her the lime light that is demanded by the depth and quality of her songs. She encourages all with her words "you are not giving up! Turn the zeal back on, telling yourself and the world 'I GO MAKE AM'".



Twitter: @tab_etha
Instagram: Tabeetha fada

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