AUDIO+VIDEO: Asoni Abalaka - I Give You Praise || @AsoniAbalaka

Asoni Abalaka is one of Abuja's finest worshippers, who has been underground doing his thing. Blessed with a great voice that shakes anywhere he stand to minister. The music director of one of the ECWA church branches in Abuja. He has been through a lot of trouble in the past of his first album release, and discovered that in all things and in whatever situation or circumstance you find yourself, don't stop praising God. Only the living can give God praise. 

"I Give You Praise" is from his forth coming album, it's a double dose of audio and video. 

"Don't just praise God when everything is going well, but in bad times also give God praise." "Praise at all times and in all times." - Asoni Abalaka

Download & enjoy!


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