Check Out Eben's New Single – "Jesus At The Center" || @eben4u

Hammer House Of Rock presents brand new single - "Jesus At The Center." As always, his songs are uplifting, they shift your gaze from every seemingly unsolvable situations causing you to worship the Most High amidst tough times.

Having ministered "Jesus At The Center" at the FNB Stadium, Johannersburg South-Africa, and Ghana and also the Global Communion Service February Edition with Pastor Chris, Eben decides to release this track for FREE Download. Go get yours! 



At the center of it all
It's you that I see (2x)..
There is power in your name
Miracles happen in your name
As we lift our voice in praise
It's you that I see (2x)..


You are bigger, bigger than d biggest
You are stronger, stronger than the strongest
You are higher, higher than the highest
You are greater, greater than the greatest

Jesus (8x)...

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