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#10 Things I Noticed During Kirk Whalum's Live Performance – Music Magnate, Wilson Joel || @wilsonjoel

CEO, Doxology Music & prolific producer, Wilson Joel is one man who is liberal with his wisdom. Of course, the right knowledge aids a...

CEO, Doxology Music & prolific producer, Wilson Joel is one man who is liberal with his wisdom. Of course, the right knowledge aids a brighter life. He takes to his Instagram page to brighten even more lives by sharing tips from the just concluded concert with Kirk Whalum at Lagos, Nigeria.

Check out below, a knowledge money can't buy;
So here are the few things (10), I jotted down during Kirk Whalum’s performance. Feel free to share. We all can be better with some learning.

1. “Music in a team” is not an avenue for showing off your EGO!!! Take it easy it’s not a “Musician shed session” but a “Band performance”.

2. You’re a LIMITED RESOURCE: Kirk whalum offered opportunity to all his band guys to express their talent. He can’t sing, play and do everything alone… Empower others too! Super stars are mostly insecure & lonely, true legends are secure!

3. POCKET MUSIC: It is never out of fashion! Keep the groove, syncopations & dynamics clean and drama free.

4. LESS IS ALWAYS MORE: He and his team didn’t do much, they were not trying to force what’s not meant to be there.

5. RELATE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE: There’s a crowd and that crowd must feel your presence by all means. Everything is total waste if they can’t feel you.

6. DYNAMICS: All his band members are true musicians not just instrumentalists. They knew where to chill and where to punch more. There’s no chaos! The music well put together was totally enjoyable! No distractions whatsoever!

7. MUSIC IS SPIRITUAL: Whilst your skills are so key, the spirit behind your music is so Key! I must commend Omawumi who gave us this same thing “SPIRIT” for the night! Kudos!

8. CHEMISTRY: Kirk and his band had serious bonding! There was no boss and follower show off! He played with his folks as though everyone out together are called “Kirk Whalum”. This ties with #1 No ego, Lots of Chemistry!

9. HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR INSTRUMENT: He knew how to handle his instrument. There are far more awesome sax players out there even in Nigeria but unfortunately many don’t know their instruments talk less of their “Sound” which brings me to my last point!

10. WHAT’S YOUR SOUND? Honestly without pushing it far, his sound is distinct! Don’t have identity crisis trying to sound like everyone. No wonder his famous sax solo on Whitney Houston’s “I’ll always love you” stood out till date!

Okay take care guys! I hope we all make it (Not money)… I hope we all make it to the forefront of our passion “MUSIC”! Take care ©®™ #WJ

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