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X2D Launches New Lifestyle Channel on CONSAT Pay TV || @X2DTV

De Kings Vision Limited , owners of X2D (Xclusive 2 Divinity) , Africa’s leading Gospel inspired safe entertainment and lifestyle TV bran...

De Kings Vision Limited, owners of X2D (Xclusive 2 Divinity), Africa’s leading Gospel inspired safe entertainment and lifestyle TV brand proudly announces the long anticipated launch of the new X2D channel come June 2016 on the CONSAT Pay TV platform.  

X2D has over the past seven years evolved into Africa’s most syndicated gospel inspired entertainment and lifestyle TV brand haven aired on over 50 TV stations across Africa and the UK while offering the most multi diverse content like high quality music videos, interviews, RED carpet, behind the scene of music video shoot, comedy, dance, spoken word and other creative expressions in the history of gospel inspired TV brands in Africa.

The new X2D channel promises to be Africa’s premium gospel inspired safe entertainment and lifestyle TV channel offering high quality value based entertainment devoid of nudity, violence and strong language. The channel promises a rich blend of high quality multi diverse content at par with other mainstream entertainment channels in terms of graphics, style, look and feel .

The new X2D channel will have three core areas of focus which include a comprehensive coverage of the Gospel entertainment ministry/industry in Nigeria featuring high quality music video rotations, concerts, interviews, talk shows, red carpet events, behind-the-scenes, awards, special features, news, across various genres such as music, comedy, dance, film, spoken word etc.

The channel will also feature high quality family friendly/wholesome entertainment content like talk shows, drama series, fashion, lifestyle, magazine, short films and inspirational videos. We have also created a human capacity development and lifestyle block tagged “RECAP AFRICA” aimed at positively inspiring a predominantly youth audience with time tested principles and information from respected life coaches and thought leaders across various sectors with the aim of inspiring development across Africa

The CONSAT launch will be the first of many platforms as we intend to ensure the new X2D channel is syndicated to platforms across Africa and beyond. The channel will feature other carefully designed high quality content from X2D such as - Top Ten Video Rack, Blazzin, Style Rhythm, Unveiled and Outstanding etc. while also featuring content from celebrated producers like AVF Studios, JB Studios, Genesis Studios, ICON Towers, Rugged Boots Productions, Akin Alabi Productions and many others.

The new X2D channel promises to be a most sought after safe entertainment channel for families across Nigeria so we implore the general public to pick up a CONSAT decoder to enjoy this first of its kind channel and over 60 other great channels on the CONSAT pay TV platform.


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Website: www.x2dtv.com 
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