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Check Out Billy Grant's "Hope" Album & "King Immortal" [+Official Video] || @hopebillygrant

Billy Grant is a gospel music artist based out of Toronto. He is preparing to launch a new album in late spring, titled ‘Hope.” Over the ...

Billy Grant is a gospel music artist based out of Toronto. He is preparing to launch a new album in late spring, titled ‘Hope.” Over the years, he has gained a reputation for having an acute sensitivity to the needs of broken people. A significant number of his songs focus on the redemptive work of Christ on the cross as well as the cross itself.

Billy Grant has been singing his entire life. Music was always around his home. The genre spanned from African to Western Caribbean. During his senior years of secondary school, he began actively singing. His father is a minister of the gospel and he spent a significant amount of time in church. He was always drawn to acquire masters and song leaders area he was immersed in music at all times.

“What I remember though is I was visiting my grandmother in Kumasi and during one of my frequent trips from Grace Baptist Church in Amakom where my family fellowships, I uttered these words ‘Lord let me serve you in the area of music in body of Christ.’ I believe the Lord heard my plea because I have been serving the body of Christ in the capacity of music minister and coordinator for the past two decades,” explains Billy Grant.

Billy Grant is working on his Master’s Degree in Public Health, where he will graduate in September. He works to maintain a balance between his music, work, parenting, and school. He is the music coordinator at Living Word Assembly of God, where he also attends church weekly.

Grant works to advocate for corporate worship and believes it’s important for everyone to participate in their worshiping at a church where there is a team environment.

Through his songs, he wants everyone to be blessed by the songs. The music enables people to connect on a different level, particularly because he has noticed is often challenging for the congregation to sing inside of the church. Only a limited few participate during corporate worship. This, he attributes to the degree of complexity of the songs and how song leaders often overlook the demographics of the church. As he explains, songs for corporate worship “should empower us all to do it.” His goal is to develop the capacity of song ministers to ensure that everyone is singing along.

Billy Grant has already released albums and his latest, ‘Hope,” made up of 6 tracks with 15 songs covers a wide style of music and the content reflects the redemptive work of the cross. The Album include tracks like He Rose, Hallelujah, King Immortal, Praise of the Redeemed Worship of the Redeemed, Most High, Yehowa.

As promised Billy is releasing the songs on the Album for free download, each song in a week. Listen to 'King Immortal' reggae-fused gospel single which is the first single to be released from the Hope Album. This is s song of the sinner, praising the king immortal and king eternal for saving them.


Listen and watch video below:

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