MUSIC DOWNLOAD: Folabi Nuel & New Harmony - You Love Me [Produced by FLOROCKA] || @folabi_nuel

Folabi Nuel returns with yet another deep worship song titled ''You Love Me'' along with his group - New Harmony.

This song echoes the very depth of God's love and His powerful name. We often times forget how much of His love we enjoy and we focus on our current situation but the very truth is that His love is what defines us. Not our struggle not our pain, but His love! That’s what this song is about.

''It’s high time we stopped asking or complaining and start thanking. God shows up in our thanksgiving and our worship''. ~ Folabi Nuel.

Written by Folabi Nuel. Co-written by Phillip Wallson.

Produced by FLOROCKA [This song contains live elements].

Download & enjoy!!



“You Love Me” is also available for purchase on iTunes. 

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