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Join Yetunde Joyce To Save Taiwo Bello || @iamyetundejoyce @kabiesiradiotv

Taiwo Bello, popularly called TBello by friends and associates is a good-natured young man aged 47 years with a beautiful wife and 3 young...

Taiwo Bello, popularly called TBello by friends and associates is a good-natured young man aged 47 years with a beautiful wife and 3 young children who is fighting the battle of his life, having being diagnosed with liver cancer. 

If you know TBello or meet him for the first time, you are able to see that he has such a positive outlook on life. He radiates such positive energy around him and he is filled with such a positive attitude to life.

About 6 months ago he felt unwell and assumed he had malaria fever. When the illness got worse and started manifesting other symptoms, he went to the hospital - by this time he was beginning to show visible signs of illness. At the Ogun State University Teaching Hospital he was diagnosed with liver cancer, with the effect that his liver was unable to process bile. This condition has turned his eyes to a permanent yellowish green color with constant body itch and the doctor explained that his bile duct was blocked.

Initially, some of his friends and family raised some money for immediate surgery to unblock the duct to give him immediate respite. 

However, the doctors in Nigeria are unable to carry out the operation in the country and he would require being flown out of the country for further tests and proper diagnosis as well as to commence the required treatment for his cancer.

Quotes for medical treatment has been obtained from two hospitals in India [which are the most affordable alternatives] and we are beseeching with friends and family in the diaspora and at home [Nigeria] to raise up to $30,000 to cover medical expenses, travel, accommodation, rehabilitation, family upkeep and medicines for him abroad as well as N1.4million to go through Chemotherapy here in Nigeria.


Account Name: MR TAIWO BELLO

Account Number: 0035787562 UNION BANK

Phone Number: 08020934902

As at the time of putting this together, a total of $350 has been raised through GoFundMe page

He needs to urgently travel out of the country to commence treatment before cancer spreads and his condition worsens.

With all the bad stuff going on around us in the world, there is a tendency to dismiss this, but Taiwo Bello needs your financial support. 

We encourage you to reach out and help this family during this time as bills and medical cost is escalating. Every donation will go a long way, share with friends and family, and pray for this family.

God bless you as you provide a chance at life for this young man.

Contact +2348020934902 or +2348053509022 for further inquiries.

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