OFFICIAL PREMIERE: Solomon - Most High || @solomonsaysso

Five months after the release of Solomon's debut single - 'Remember', once again he returns with a new single titled - 'Most High'. It's a song of dedication with an entirely different expression from the previous single and aimed to address true submission to the will of God. Submission that is not just lip-service but is truly from the heart.

'Most High' was birthed from a place of getting one's heart and actions to truly align with the words proceeding from one's lips as regards submitting to God's will and direction.

According to Solomon,

"So many times we come to God in prayer concerning various issues and tell Him we're ready to do His will whereas deep in our hearts we've already decided what we want to and are going to do.

This just fulfils the scripture that says "These people draw near to me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.

Most High is an expression of this scenario.''

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