Soul Singer/Worship Leader - Derin Bello Premieres 'Wonderland' [Remix] +Visuals || @derinbellomusic

"Wonderland tells the story of a lost soul and is inspired by Psalm 71:7 from a favourable view of the verse. This is a verse that I encountered as a student on campus, and one that still impacts me tremendously.

The journey to our beautiful place, our wonderland, starts with us hiding ourselves in Christ. When we take him as our Lord and Refuge, then we are able to make our way to that “place and state” that has the entire world marvelling at his goodness in our lives.

He is called wonderful and only in Him can we be made a wonder."
- Derin Bello

Produced, mixed and mastered by Andrew Horrocks.


Watch the beautiful visuals below:


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