Tope Adeboyejo [T Debs] Inspires in New Single - 'Beautiful' || @anointed_tdebs

Tope Adeboyejo [T-Debs] is a Christian songwriter/singer; also a business owner specializing in Human Resource Management/Consulting, Training and Development​. 
​"​Sometimes we forget just how valued we are in the eyes of God. We allow situations, people around us to determine who we are at different points in time. Loud, dull, talkative, unintelligent, skinny, fat, etc. 
People will define you by what suits them in their relationship with you. Only God knows how and for what he’s made you and I guess that’s what I tried to say in so many words in this song – 'Beautiful'. Words already recorded in the Word to affirm what and who God says you/we are.

If only we saw ourselves through God’s eyes, each a masterpiece (He saw what He had made and called it good); each; made with purpose in mind; each; a piece of Him (different but still part of Him), in His image and likeness, a little less than God (Elohim). As God is beautiful then you are also – Beautiful. 
I am finding myself and getting to believe these words daily. I pray you do too.'' - Tope Adeboyejo (T-Debs)​

  • Lyrics/song composition: Tope Adeboyejo (T-Debs)
  • Music production: iChek
  • Mixing/mastering: Edward Sunday​ 

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