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Nigerian Gospel Singer - Dorosong Releases 'Say Yes To Jesus' || @dorosongmusic

' Say Yes To Jesus' - a b rand new song release from Nigerian Gospel singer and artiste -  Dorosong. Dorosong further shares the p...

'Say Yes To Jesus' - a brand new song release from Nigerian Gospel singer and artiste - Dorosong.

Dorosong further shares the passion that inspired this just released song;

''Jesus is the center of our salvation a very present help in the face of challenges. I so much believe in the abilities of Jesus, as the book of Matthew 11:28-30 clearly states his mission on earth for all mankind. 

In this new song God inspired some specific prophetic words in my spirit that forms the chorus of this music and I strongly believe in this words to be a blessing to you all.

No matter what your life seems to look like right now please don’t give up on yourself because there is still hope for a better life In God for you through Jesus Christ. 

Say yes to Jesus, say yes to life.'' 

Produced by talented music producer, Dr Brain.



Instagram: @dorosong
Facebook: @dorosongmusic

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