Gospel Music Artiste - Eduek Debuts New Single - 'Jesus' | Produced by iBen || @eddylatte

Eduek debuts with ‘Jesus’ - a song in worship and honour of Jesus, God’s perfect sacrifice.

''So I wrote this song in the midst of deep confusion, choosing to worship Him instead of my worries. Because sometimes when life throws you the meanest stuff, He is the only thing that makes everything make sense. 

The best gift anyone can have in these times is Jesus. And that is not a cliché. May He fill your life, calm your storms, dispel your fears, erase your worries, restore your life, your joy, your faith, your hope, your love and give you the rest and peace that only He can.

Dear Jesus, this is for you'' ~ Eduek



Song composition: Eduek
Production: iBen
Bass Guitar: Orits Urenyi
Background vocals: Eduek Akan, Adeyemi Adeyemo, Nneka Okolo, Ojochenemi Enejo
Photos: Brooks Photography
Outfit: Gswags Couture



Facebook: Eduek Akan
Instagram: @eduek_akan
Twitter: @eddylatte

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