Gifted - gospel minister, recording artist, a worshipper and a praise radical releases her new single - 'Eze Ndi Eze' (Kings of Kings) - a quintessential worship song, which consists of three languages: Igbo, Yoruba and Ghanaian language.

''The inspiration behind this song came when I embarked on a divine assignment and was in need of a divine intervention. 

I was about giving up when the word came - “Idighi Agbanwe Agbanwe Eze Ndi Eze (I will never change King of kings). And the Yoruba part I didn't know what I was saying until someone interpreted it.

My musical background was a strange one to me because I never wanted to be a musician or a music minister. It was a divine assignment. 

The vision came in 2014 and that was when I stated singing till date.'' ~ Gifted


Twitter: @giftedug
Facebook: Gifted Gift
Instagram: @gifted2019

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