Jumoke Premieres New Single - 'Titilai' (Forever) | Produced By Samrich || @pearl_jk

'Titilai' (Forever) is the latest single from singer, songwriter and entrepreneur - Jumoke.  
Having worked with numerous A-list artists and producers on her various tracks - 'Gratitude', 'Jingulu Beeli' and 'I Am', Jumoke has continuously worked hard and ceaselessly to bring great and divinely inspired renditions to the body of Christ.

'Titilai' is a reflection of the grace of God showing forth in her emergent career.

She shares the message behind the song:

"Titilai is a song about God's faithfulness and unconditional love for His people and our decision to sing His praise and also serve Him forever.

"I used a collective term throughout the song because I strongly believe that there are unrepentant lovers of God like me all over the world."

Produced by Samrich.



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