Preye Odede Gets Cyberspace Pumped With #READY [+Campaign Photos] || @preyeodede

Gospel music minister - Preye Odede has set the internet agog with the hashtag - #READY. He has been adding the hashtag to his post subtly for a while but this week, he turned it up a notch when he posed the question - ''What is this #READY?" - Preye Odede posted an artwork on social media, including his Instagram page.

The artwork depicting readiness was captioned:

"What is this #READY? Anyone wants to try a guess and win a #READY?"

Various suggestions have followed the question with many positing that the Gospel music minister is about to launch a fashion brand which could be a clothing line or men accessories line.

Others suggested that Preye is getting married, while some also made suggestions ranging from album, to a single. There were also suggestions that he is launching a record label.

Preye Odede has not divulge further information save for the fact that he has built an anticipation for #READY and those who guessed right will be rewarded with #Ready.

Preye Odede released the spectacular video for the single - 'I Am Real' in August of 2017. The video which evoked triumphant manifestations birthing testimonies was followed by the rapturous worship/declarative single - 'Oshimiri Atata' in September.

Surely the Port Harcourt based Gospel music minister is maintaining a steady build up. We just have to keep our eyes peeled and fingers crossed to know if the end of the year brings it to a crescendo or there will be a continuity.


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