Ama Shallangwa Premieres New Single - 'You are the Reason' || @amazirra

'You are the Reason' is a praise song inspired by God to reach millions. Ama, a doctor turned musician and founder of Ama-zing Harmonies describes You are the Reason as a “complete package.” 

The song describes the unspeakable awesomeness of God.

Sometimes we cannot find the right words to glorify God with when we are overwhelmed by his graciousness, this song is unique in that it simply gives you the right words to praise and thank him with as well as make you dance, and that is why Ama wants this song to reach millions who may be in a situation to want to, but cannot find the right praise words.

Produced by Femi Flame.



Twitter: @amazirra
Instagram: @ama_amaSinger

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