Christy King Releases Soulful Native Worship Single - 'Enedu' [Nobody Like You] || @christyezenwoks

Christy King releases new single - 'Enedu', which translates to 'Nobody Like You' in the native Igala (Kogi) language.

The single is an expression and declaration of God as the one and only true God, lover, deliverer and life-giver.

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Though not an English song, it's very simple, easy to learn, understand and sing along.

Enedu was given to me precisely 2 years ago (2016) and now is the appointed time for the world to experience it. ~ Christy King

Produced by Sunny Pee. 

Lyric video by Moses Adejo for Etcetera Media.


Watch lyric video below: 


Twitter: @christyezenwoks

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