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Abiodun SAGE Releases New Single - 'Ikesuna' [Power Name] | Prod. by Sanmi Matthew || @abiodunsage

Gospel artiste and minister -   Abiodun SAGE  returns with another resounding musical offering titled - ' Ikesuna'  ('Ike'...

Gospel artiste and minister - Abiodun SAGE returns with another resounding musical offering titled - 'Ikesuna' ('Ike' translates to Power in the Ibo language, while 'Suna' means Name in Hausa language).

Abiodun SAGE in his words expresses: 
'Ikesuna' simply means the Power Name where the Power Name refers to the Name of JESUS, as the Word of God makes it clear that at the mention of the Name of Jesus every kneel bows and every tongue confess which is the core message of the single.

'Ikesuna' is a fusion of Afro Hip Hop with a fast tempo electronic beat produced by Sanmi Mathew

'Ikesuna' serves as a part of the music collection of the ongoing Worship Devotional Series by Abiodun SAGE for 2018.


Twitter: @abiodunsage

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