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Fiery Young Artiste - Yadah Releases New Single - 'Ifunanya' || @yadahsings

Abuja based singer/songwriter -  Yadah (Kingborn)  starts off the year with the release of her new single - 'Ifunanya'.  Ifun...

Abuja based singer/songwriter - Yadah (Kingborn) starts off the year with the release of her new single - 'Ifunanya'. 

Ifunanya which is the fourth track off her previously release EP - The Blood Covenant is a love song in Ibo figuratively meaning - ''My Love".

As simple as it is, Yadah in her words explains:

"This song explains the inseparable love we share with the Father. Everyone walks away when the conditions are not met, when expectations are cut short, but God stays forever. He is faithful. 

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He has sworn an oath by Himself to love us forever, having paid the price beforehand. 

This song is about the blood covenant with the father. It's our hope, our consolation, an assurance of Glory to come!!! 

The father loves us and this love will never end. More so, nothing can separate us from this love, it's forever!!!"


Watch lyrics video below:


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