Singer/Producer - I-Fee Sound Releases New Single - 'Accolade' [Prod. by Hills Play] || @officialifee

Songwriter and producer - I-Fee Sound releases his new single for 2019 - 'Accolade'.

Listen to I-Fee Sound come through with an applaudable performance topped off with a 
high level of professionalism and vocal dexterity. 

According to I-Fee Sound;

''So many times, we think so highly of ourselves and ascribe all our achievements to our personal efforts and human strength. We fail to realize that there is someone behind the scene pulling the strings.

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Accolade is here to remind us that we owe to God every praise for all that we have accomplished. He alone deserves the 
 and no one else.

As you listen, may your understanding be open to the fact that without God, you couldn't have been able to achieve anything.''



Twitter: @officialifee

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