Ife Abiodun Releases New Single - 'God’s Love' Featuring Tope Alabi [+Official Visuals] || @ifeabiodunmusic

Ife Abiodun join forces with her longtime mentor - Tope Alabi on her new single and visuals - 'God's Love'. 

Ife shares the story behind her new single below -

''In a moment of studying the Bible, a passage (1 Corinthians 13) came to my mind. It talks about love how to love your neighbour and even ‘your enemies’.''

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''The passage teaches us that the essence of life is love and if you claim to know God but you do not love then you do not know God. If you are looking for God, just love because the greatest commandment in the Bible is love.''

This gave birth to God’s Love (Ife Olorun) with my mentor & mother - Lady Evang. Tope Alabi, an embodiment of God’s Love.''

Watch official visuals HERE



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