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Isabella Melodies Premieres Two Spanking New Visuals for 'Indescribable' (The Movie & Music Video) || @isabellamelodie

UK-based psalmist & songwriter - Isabella Melodies  releases two brand new visuals for her previously released song - 'Indescriba...

UK-based psalmist & songwriter - Isabella Melodies releases two brand new visuals for her previously released song - 'Indescribable'. 

Indescribable is the title track of her 7th studio album which was originally released in November 2017 (Indescribable, The Complete Album).

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Indescribable - The Movie is a gripping short film narrative about the dramatic experience that inspired the song (featuring Isabella, her husband and actors) and Indescribable, The Music Video is the official music video of the song with special appearances by a number of other gospel artistes.

Isabella shares the story behind Indescribable in an unconventional and yet compelling manner, to complement the music video and, more importantly, to declare the glory and greatness of God.

Watch the short film below: 

Watch the music video below:

  • Produced by Wilson Joel for Doxology Music.
  • Directed by Uvi Orogun for Media Mind Universal.
  • Co-directed by Justice DH Films.

Quotable lyrics

You're indescribable

You're uncontainable 

None can compare to who you are

You're indescribable 
You're uncontainable 
None can contend, with who you are


Instagram/ Facebook: @isabellamelodies 

Twitter: @isabellamelodie

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