Samsong Drops Brand New Dance Single - 'E Dey Work' [Prod. by GID] || @samsongfans

Prolific songwriter, award winning artiste and music icon - Samsong returns with - 'E Dey Work' - titled in one of Nigeria’s popular Pidgin English - E Dey Work simply means - It’s Working.

Beyond the groovy the song is filled with prophetic declarations. What you speak is what you see and become. E Dey Work reaffirms that you are the first prophet over your life.

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Talking about what birthed the song, the music legend said - 

''We are children of the light, we are taught to speak what we want to see. A lot of misconception and false doctrines are everywhere on-line, that it doesn’t work for you does not mean it won’t work for another. In simple terms E Dey Work.'' ~ Samsong

Produced by GID for Boogie Down Concepts.

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