Evans Ogboi Revamps Classic Anthem - 'Anumneka Jesus' [+Live Visuals] || @ogboievans

The single - 'Anumneka Jesus' was first released in Lagos, Nigeria in 2007 on Evans Ogboi's debut album titled - Miracle. The song by God’s grace, spread round the country and later the world. 

Anumneka Jesus simply means "I'm in Jesus' hands". It is the 4th of 15 songs to be released on Evans Ogboi's forthcoming - Koinonia album project, recorded live at the iconic City Gates Church in London UK.  This version was recorded live at Evans' first ever live album recording concert in the UK.

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Evans connected deeply with this song in a special way as it's message was clear and direct. In October 2007, just a few weeks before the release, Evans' dad passed on to glory. Late, Lawrence Emina Ogboi was apparently one of Evans' strong influences, thus the original intro - "There's a little simple song that me and my Daddy use to sing and it goes like this.''

Written and produced by Evans Ogboi for the praise and honour of the risen King JESUS.


Watch official LIVE video below:


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