Fortune Ebel - 'My Rock' [+Live Visuals] || @fortuneebel

Leader of the vibrant movement - Kingdom Realm, Fortune Ebel officially releases the audio and live visuals of 'My Rock'.

The song - My Rock is of the Nigerian Urban Hip Hop genre and it focuses on two vital areas of expression: - resounding the truth that Christ is the foundation that safely carries the believer and the believer offering joy-full praise.

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Sang for the very first time at The African Praise Experience - #TAPE, in Lagos Nigeria, My Rock became an instant success as same was embraced by the over thirty-five thousand persons that were present at TAPE and this caused a ripple effect that has already made many people across the states in Nigeria to embrace same - widely singing it in different churches as well as different individuals already doing covers.

Watch live video & download audio below: 



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