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Chris Fidelis - ''Awesome Wonder'' || @chrisfidelis9

Worship leader, pastor, recording artiste and entrepreneur -  Chris Fidelis started  singing at an early age and then moved on to join an a...

Worship leader, pastor, recording artiste and entrepreneur - Chris Fidelis started singing at an early age and then moved on to join an a Capella group called - The Anointed Singers. 

After a while, he began a praise movement known as the Jehoshaphat's Praise which he convened for a decade and then went on to pursue a solo career in gospel music ministry.

His new single titled - ''Awesome God'', according to the music minister was written during the early period of the pandemic, where many felt like giving up on God. Fear and uncertainty clouded the mind of so many believers and the society at large. 


Chris Fidelis - ''Awesome Wonder'' Lyrics

Give thanks and praise to God.. He's awesome

Awesome wonder... 2X

I can't explain the way you love me
Amazing Grace you've shown to me
All of my worship I will sing to you
You are my God, awesome ruler

All of creation sings your worship
Sing hallelujah to the king
Now and forever we will lift our voice
You are my God... Awesome

Awesome wonder.. you are my everything
Awesome wonder, you gave your life for me
Awesome wonder, I will give you everything
Awesome wonder

You are my God
Awesome ruler...
You are my God
Great and mighty king
You are my God
Soul provider
You are my God
That is why I sing

Lord you are AWESOME WONDER!!!

Bridge: You're Awesome 3X

You are Awesome Wonder!!!



Twitter: @ChrisFidelis9
Instagram: @realchrisfidelis
Facebook: @chris.adang.9

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