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Eric Reverence - ''Miracles'' || @eric_reverence

British singer and songwriter - Eric Reverence releases his new song titled - ''Miracles''. A song birthed in the realizat...

British singer and songwriter - Eric Reverence releases his new song titled - ''Miracles''.

A song birthed in the realization that when you embrace God’s mission for your life, miracles happen.

"š™„š™£ š™©š™š™š š™¢š™žš™™š™Øš™© š™¤š™› š™©š™š™žš™Ø š™„š™–š™£dš™šš™¢š™žš™˜ š™„š™šš™§š™žš™¤š™™ š™–š™£š™™ š™Ŗš™£š™˜š™šš™§š™©š™–š™žš™£š™©š™®, š™„ š™¬š™§š™¤š™©š™š š™©š™š™žš™Ø š™Øš™¤š™£š™œ š™©š™¤ š™§š™šš™¢š™žš™£š™™ š™–š™£š™™ š™šš™£š™˜š™¤š™Ŗš™§š™–š™œš™š š™šš™«š™šš™§š™®š™¤š™£š™š š™©š™š™–š™© š™©š™š™š š™Øš™–š™¢š™š š™‚š™¤š™™ š™¬š™š™¤ š™™š™žš™™ š™œš™§š™šš™–š™© š™¢š™žš™§š™–š™˜š™”š™šš™Ø, š™Øš™žš™œš™£š™Ø, š™¬š™¤š™£š™™š™šš™§š™Ø š™–š™£š™™ š™š™šš™–š™”š™žš™£š™œš™Ø š™žš™Ø š™©š™š™š š™Øš™–š™¢š™š š™‚š™¤š™™ š™¬š™š™¤ š™žš™Ø š™–š™”š™žš™«š™š š™–š™£š™™ š™¢š™¤š™§š™š š™©š™š™–š™£ š™–š™—š™”š™š. š™’š™š š™˜š™–š™£ š™©š™§š™Ŗš™”š™® š™šš™­š™„š™šš™§š™žš™šš™£š™˜š™š š™©š™š™šš™Øš™š š™„š™¤š™¬š™šš™§š™›š™Ŗš™” š™–š™£š™™ š™–š™¢š™–š™Æš™žš™£š™œ š™©š™š™žš™£š™œš™Ø š™¤š™› š™‚š™¤š™™ š™§š™žš™œš™š™© š™£š™¤š™¬ š™žš™› š™¬š™š š™¤š™£lš™® š™„š™Ŗš™© š™–š™”š™” š™¤š™Ŗš™§ š™©š™§š™Ŗš™Øš™© š™–š™£š™™ š™›š™–š™žš™©š™ š™žš™£ š™š™žš™¢ š™–š™£š™™ š™„ š™œš™Ŗš™–š™§š™–š™£š™©š™šš™š š™®š™¤š™Ŗ š™©š™š™–š™© š™š™š š™¬š™žš™”š™” š™£š™šš™«š™šš™§ š™›š™–š™žš™” š™®š™¤š™Ŗ.” - š™€š™§š™žš™˜ š™š™šš™«š™šš™§š™šš™£š™˜š™š

Eric's style of songwriting has resonated with his audience globally and has become one of the most outstanding Christian artists of the past years, as well as an important voice in this generation. Eric continues to create new dimensions in his music and identity.

The song takes you to an incredible journey from start to finish, it's easy to learn and you can sing along with full joy. Get ready to put your dancing shoes on and go all out for Jesus!!!!

"As you listen to this song, I am persuaded that God's unlimited m
iracles will never seize in your life''. - Eric Reverence

Written and composed by Eric Reverence. 

Produced by J Ross. Mixed and mastered by Byron Muller.

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Eric Reverence - ''Miracles''

You are God
You are great
You are powerful
You are God of miracles
Every knee
Shall bow before you
Every tongue confess
You are God of miracles

Cos You're my God of miracles
Cos You're my God of miracles
You are the way
The truth and life
You are marvelous
You are God of miracles
Every voice
Will shout your name
And proclaim
You are God of miracles

You healed the blind
You split the sea
And you conquered death
There's nothing you cannot do
You healed the blind
You split the sea
You conquered death
And nothing is impossible
Jesus you're my miracle


Instagram: @ericreverence_
Twitter: @eric_reverence

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