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Jeff Prince - ''The Light'' (Album)

Music minister - Jeff Prince  releases his debut album titled -  ''The Light'' which  symbolizes hope.  ''The Light...

Music minister - Jeff Prince releases his debut album titled - ''The Light'' which symbolizes hope. 

''The Light album reels out in music some of my experiences and experiences of others whilst stoutly preaching God's love. 

Given the times we are in, hopelessness seems to reek in every corner, suicide rates are up and depression has become the regular news. 

This means that a lot of people need to be constantly reached using several communication blocks, I have chosen music as my arrowhead.''

Back cover/track-list

''Just as when light is introduced in a dark place, things come alive, that is what we are believing God for with this album. Light will come into every life that listens to the album.''

The album comprises of love, inspiration, and of course gospel songs. It is a blend of rock, contemporary Afro-beat fusion, Contemporary Highlife, R&B and some traditional vibes.

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