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Ayodele Enoch Releases Official Video for “Captured with Your Love”

Ayodele Enoch Captured With Love
Ayodele Enoch Captured With Love

Ayodele Enoch, popularly known as HIT ME is renowned for his unwavering commitment to spreading messages of hope and joy through music. He has released the official video for his hit single “Captured With Your Love,” initially released in December 2020.

As February is renowned as the month of love, Ayodele Enoch aims to remind the world of God’s unparalleled and unconditional love. “Captured With Your Love” serves as a reminder of God’s eternal love, resonating deeply with listeners across various demographics.

Speaking about the song, Ayodele Enoch said, “When God breathes into man, He breathes himself. Note that God himself is love. In this love, we live, move, and have our being. Hence, we are love beings.

Just as we can’t live without breathing, we can’t live without His love because we are Captured with His love. So here is the song that will set you in the mood of lavishing your love on Jesus this season”.

Directed by Alejo Adeeko and executively produced by Prince Oluwatosin for 247 Gospel Vibes, the video promises to be a visual masterpiece that complements the soul-stirring and powerful lyrics of the song.

YouTube video


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