Monday, September 25, 2023

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Celebrating God’s General, Archbishop Dr. Sam-Amaga || @salemedinburgh @drsamamaga1

Today, Salem Family Worldwide celebrates an amazing father, a visionary leader, a man of integrity, a humble servant of God, who is passionate about winning the lost for Jesus. A man who has consistently raised men scattered all around the globe doing the will of the Master. 

Dr. Sam-Amaga – Archbishop of Salem Family Worldwide and founder of many power packed organisations such as Salem University and Sam Amaga Foundation [attending to the needs of orphans and widows]. 

Papa has consistently brought the raw undiluted Word to this generation, in Nigeria, throughout Africa, Europe, the United States and all around the world. He has authored over 100 books which have changed and transformed lives and ministries.

A man with a contagious passion for souls, sent to raise leaders for global impact, driven by a Heavenly mandate given to him on March 7th 1987; to raise an army, a people strong in faith, empowered by wisdom, intimate with the Holy Ghost and doing exploits. 

Through the years he has pursued this mandate with so much zest through various platforms till date. He has taught and unveiled many principles from the scriptures which has reflected in his leadership and added to the posterity and integrity of this ministry.

As we celebrate his 64th birthday today, we reflect with gratitude to God all he has done in and through his son over the last 64 years of his life and 30 years in ministry.

Hurray! Hurray!! Hurray!!!

Many hearty cheers to a great visionary and Kingdom personality!! 


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