Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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“Christians Should Live Outside of Christian Bubble” – Gospel Great, Kirk Franklin Suggests

Kirk Franklin called for Christians to think outside of their
personal bubbles in a series of tweets just before the start of the new
year. Franklin, 44, is a staple in the gospel music industry with
his own Sirius XM radio station, Kirk Franklin’s Praise, television
hosting gigs on The Game Show Network’s “The American Bible Challenge”
and BET’s “Sunday Best.” The entertainer is very vocal on Twitter about
his faith and recently directed a series of messages at his fellow
Christians just before the new year.

In his message, Franklin
pointed out that a lot of Christians live in fear that keeps them from
dealing with people and things that are not labeled as Christian.

many of us Christians are afraid of losing what we never paid for. We
don’t have non Christian friends, listen to different music because
we’re afraid,” Franklin tweeted. “And we label it all as ungodly. So
everything about us, our gifts, language, creativity, lives in a
bubble…So the people that listen to us, think like us.”

The entertainer went on to speak about the possibilities of people’s faith being judgmental.
your faith is that fragile, it will become judgmental. In 2015, the
bubble has to burst..,” Franklin wrote. “And we can still rock Jesus.

While some of Franklin’s
followers asked him to further explain his message, he made it clear
that people were not saved because of things they did, but because of
the gift of Jesus Christ.

“‘Losing what we never paid for..’
Salvation is a gift. You didn’t buy it,” he tweeted. “That’s what I
mean. Listening to secular music, movies is based on one’s spiritual
maturity.” He quoted “Working out your salvation” from Philippians 2:12 before wishing followers a happy new year.

is a celebrated veteran in the gospel music industry, with seven
Grammys, 13 GMA Dove Awards and 15 Stellar Awards. The musician has
mastered the art of creating quality gospel music for two decades and
insisted that the most important quality in the music is sincerity.

“It should reflect wherever
we are and our personal spiritual growth with God. If that’s not our top
priority, then our artform is going to be very shallow,” Franklin said. “It should not be just for the sole purpose of the artform itself
… if it’s that, we’ll suffer. We have to make sure people can feel the
sincerity of our own testimony and our own journey so they know this is
something that is really real for us.”


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WOW….this is divine truths and knowledge…Praise God forevermore.

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