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Churchboi Prince – ”Jesus Bu Otumokpo” || @churchboyprince

Netherlands based Nigerian singer – Churchboi Prince releases his new single titled – “Jesus Bu Otumokpo”.

Churchboi has been writing and singing blessed songs for over 15 years and in that time he also composed for other artistes, groups, choirs and shows. He also worked as a choir conductor.

His inspiration comes mainly from the Word of God (the Bible) and his personal relationship with God, experiences and testimonies. He released his second album “Church in the Streets” in 2020 which consists of a collection of his favorite songs. 

In addition, he also released the beautiful video of Beautiful & Perfect in September 2020. And in May 2021, he released the video of Jesus Bu Otumokpo, a song about the higher life in Christ Jesus. 

In the video there is a translation of the lyrics, so you know exactly what the words mean.


Lyrics: Churchboi Prince – ”Jesus Bu Otumokpo”

Jesus bu otumokpo leeh (2x)
Ekpere! Ekpere bu ogwu Ngworo eeh

Christianity Is not a life of religion
It’s divinity at work in humanity I do not die
I only multiply
Am a special breed
I don’t get sick no no no
I don’t get weak no no no
I’ve got immunity over all sicknesses
Am in fraternity with divinity
Greater is the one that lives in me
Than the me that you can see

I walk on water
I raise the dead
See I never loose
Never loose l only win instead 

I’m indestructible
My life is incorruptible
Success is in my DNA
Am never afraid
Challenges are bread for me
Sweet meal that I love to eat
When I speak in tongues
Everything conforms
Am in fraternity with divinity
Greater is the one that lives in me than the me that you can see

With God am so invincible
Am so influential and powerful
Illuminating by the power of the Holy Ghost


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