Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Dabo Williams Launches DB Cre8tive Studios || @DaboWilliam

Featured-  Nigeria Gospel music sensation and Nigma award nominee – Dabo Williams adds to the list of his companies. The Gospel music singer who is the CEO of Zion Music Recordz, My Gospel Afriika TV, Big God Productionz and Bella Beauty Palace is no doubt exploring every new ground he finds around as he officially launches another multimedia outfit “DB Cre8tive Studios”, a multimedia outfit that renders services ranging from photography, graphic designs, printing and branding suited in the heart of business location in the city of Lagos.

Dabo Williams who has carved a niche for himself in the Gospel music ministry-industry, tipped to be the Next Rated Fast Rising Gospel Artiste in Nigeria with various singles, videos and live concerts. Not just being a Gospel artiste alone, but also dubbed as a cinematographer and a businessman. Sharing his simple reasons for the creation of his companies, Dabo shared –

1. To assist his fellow Gospel music ministers in service by rending them service at a very cheap rate, whereby helping their dreams come true in life.

2. Though I was born poor, but at a situation in my life I found poverty wanting to find his way into my family and the only way to eradicate it is by putting to use what God has blessed me with “Gifting”.

3. As we all also know, there true aim of every business is to generate income and have profits, even at this, all still boils down at being an helping hand to my generation be it directly and indirectly.
4. And lastly, my stature has being one of my driving force – “I have a small stature and sometimes it could be intimidating and the only way to get rid of this for me is by doing beyond what those who had big stature or normal stature do and lastly for this is the will of God.”

DB CR8TIVE STUDIOS is located at No 23 Ayodele Str, Lawal Bus Stop, Governors’ Road, College Bus Stop, Ikotun, Lagos. 

Contact: 08187032499, 08134277533 
Email: [email protected]


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