Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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Damilola Oluwatoyinbo Drops New Album – ”I’m Not Alone”

Nigerian preacher and gospel music artiste – Damilola Oluwatoyinbo offers up a brand new album project tagged, “I’m Not Alone.”

In his words, “I felt alone one night. It was 2018, and I was right in the middle of so many responsibilities. I had just planted a church the previous year and was pouring in a lot of resources into it – spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, and material resources.”

“In this same season, with my first son only 18 months old, my wife was pregnant with our second son. We were in a planting season. We were giving more than we were receiving, ploughing the ground and sowing seeds.

Yet at that same time, some of our friends and acquaintances, who we felt would be available to cheer us on, were conspicuously absent and emotionally distant.” – Damilola says.

“In fact, some reportedly made uncomplimentary remarks in certain quarters, and they couldn’t out-rightly deny those statements when I confronted them.

As I prayed one night in our kitchen – pouring my heart to God and talking to Him as a friend, waves of inspiration began to pour as melody into my heart.

I mused, meditated and kept writing these sounds till it was a full song and that was the seed for this album. Over a three year period, I’ve been blessed to write scores of songs and I’ve put 10 of them in this debut album.” – Damilola Oluwatoyinbo concludes.

Known in many circles as a wordsmith par excellence and lyrical genius, Oluwatoyinbo is passionate about connecting the hearts of people to God through inspired words. He is a captivating communicator, prolific songwriter, passionate worshipper and the dynamic lead pastor of KINGS.

The ten (10)-track album is produced by Wole Adesanya “Mr Wols” for Greenland Sound Factory.

Stream audio via iTunes

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