Sunday, October 1, 2023

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Deitrick Haddon Does Not Want Future Son To Do Gospel Music

The Haddons: Dominique & Deitrick

“I’m not putting the pressure on him to be a singer or TV star. He doesn’t have to do any of those things,” Haddon said.
“I’ll tell him that whatever he does, he has to be great. I’m going to
push him to be great by giving him an education and laying down a
foundation, and then I’m going to watch him grow.”
However, if the
next generation’s Deitrick Haddon did decide to follow in his
footsteps, the minister and musician is prepared to warn him against it.

“I’ll say ‘get outta here! Be a doctor or a lawyer! Don’t do what your daddy did,'” Haddon told Oxygen.
“Okay, if he tells me that he was called to it, that he wakes up and
goes to sleep thinking about it, then I’ll surrender and help him get a
good head start. But, gospel music is not an easy career choice.”

this month Deitrick’s wife, Dominique, also took to social media to
express how God answered her family’s prayers for a son while thanking
those who have shown their support.

“Well, the Lord heard my
prayers for a son to bless my hubby with and HE yet listened and gave us
the desire of our hearts! Most importantly, I’m glad he’s growing
normally and very active,” she wrote on Instagram. “Thankful for this new experience of being a mother of a son! Excited my girls will have a little brother to grow up with!”

the Stellar Award-winning “Male Vocalist of the Year,” shocked his wife
Dominique Haddon when he went public with the announcement of the
upcoming baby boy backstage at the Stellar Awards last month. Dominique
took to social media to confirm that she was expecting.

“As some of you may know, the Haddon family is expanding,” she wrote.
“We’re expecting our 3rd child, God willing, this summer! We don’t know
the sex of the child, but the baby is healthy and doing well.”

Source – Christian Post

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