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Drakare Abaa – ”Little Things Matter” (Album) || @drakare_abaa

Drakare Abaa has been steadily giving a huge amount of energy upon his musical career in the past year and seems to put the new year in a very promising position that we cannot just over look. 

His new body of work titled – ”Little Things Matter” has been the talk of the city for over a month now and it’s finally here for us. 
A mix of Hip-Hop, Afrobeat and EDM fusion has become a brand new unique style never seen before in the whole country, and it’s breaking new grounds in the international space.
It is also becoming the fastest rising new gospel genre taking the tide of sound to the new age. 


Artiste Brief

Drakare Abaa is an Urban Christian artiste from Nigeria who has been steady in releasing beautiful deep rooted Christian music over the years with different fusions of Hip-hop with EDM and Afro-beat.

His new album – ”Little Things Matter” is an album based upon little important constructs which life and knowledge feeds upon and affects and individuals life and connection to God. 

All these insignificance tend to drive towards importance no one truly notices.


Instagram & Twitter: @drakare_abaa
Facebook: Drakare Abaa
TikTok: Drakareabaa


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