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Ebi Oginni – ”Be The Best You Can” || @ebioginni

Ebi Oginni – a Nigerian-born Irish doctor and independent singer/songwriter currently based in Derby, England has released a new single titled – ”Be The Best You Can”.

“This song was written after I went through a difficult situation at work and I went through a time of self doubt and self depreciation. I came out of that by realizing that we are all on different journeys and we all have different strengths and gifts.

I wrote this song, first of all to celebrate the progress I’ve made, to remind myself to just do me and that God will perfect all that concerns me in his time.

This song is for anyone who struggles with comparisons, the fear of never measuring up, not being good enough etc. I hope this song reminds you that you are unique, with your gifts, just keep going, keep running your race, God will perfect all that concerns you in his time.

I hope this song comforts you, encourages you and gives you strength to keep moving forward on YOUR OWN personal journey, without being distracted by what you see around you.”

This single was produced by Resound Media Ltd, led by Andy Baker.

“Be The Best You Can” is now available on all digital stores;

Watch music video:

Stream ”Be the Best You Can”


Twitter: @EbiOginni
Instagram: miebioginni
Facebook: EbiOginniMusic
YouTube: Ebi Oginni
Spotify: Ebi Oginni

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