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Enyo Sam Returns w/ New Single – ‘Rescued’ Feat. Yadah [+Lyric Video] || @iamenyosam @yadahsings

Enyo Sam makes a worthwhile comeback with the release of his new single titled – ‘Rescued’ featuring fiery vocal powerhouse – Yadah, the single comes two months after his debut single – Nations will Rise.

“I am so excited about this song, reason being that this song is a personal reflection of the work of Christ in my life via the journey to the cross of Calvary and the power on the cross that brought about the resurrection of Christ from the dead on the third day. 

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On the Cross Jesus died for my sins, I was ransomed & rescued, I was made free, got triumph over sin and the power of sin was being broken. Rescued is a declaration and affirmation of the power of the cross available to us.

I featured Yadah because she is one artiste we share the same passion to speak about the Cross and pass the message of redemption that will amass souls to the kingdom of God. I am so excited this teamed up work will be a blessing to your soul”. – Enyo Sam shares

Produced by Paulevite.


Watch lyric video below:

YouTube video



Enyo Sam – Rescued Featuring Yadah Lyrics

Verse 1 

You bled and died on the cross of Calvary
You were wounded and beaten for my sake
They put a crown of thorns and forced it on your head.
From the grave, you rose just to give me victory…


The stone is rolled, rolled away
The tomb is empty for my sake
I’m no longer held bound, held bound
Held bound to sin
Hallelujah, I’m free indeed

He has rescued me
From the chains of the devil
He purchased my freedom by his blood
He forgave my sins
I’m made anew him
Hallelujah, I’m free indeed

Verse 2 

You took my sins on the cross of Calvary
My pang of shame you bore them on your face
The victory from hell
My life sealed in you eternally
For who you have set free, is truly free indeed


(Repeat chorus 2x)

Soloist: 2x
Hallelujah 3x
I’m free indeed

Ad-lip: Hallelujah
Back up: Hallelujah
Ad-lip: Hallelujah
Back up: Hallelujah
Ad-lip: I’m free!
Back up: Hallelujah, I’m free indeed
Ad-lip: Who the son of man has set free
Back up: Hallelujah
Ad-lip: He is free indeed forever
Back up: Hallelujah
Ad-lip: You are free, you are set free
Back up: Hallelujah, I’m free indeed
Ad-lip: You are no longer held bound by the chains of the devil, hallelujah!
Back up: Hallelujah
Ad-lip: All my sins you wash away
Back up: Hallelujah
Ad-lip: I’m so grateful Jesus
Back up: Hallelujah
Ad-lip: Hallelujah, eh eh eh eh eh

Duet: You break the chains oh
Back up: Hallelujah
Duet: You paid my depth oh
Back up: Hallelujah
Soloist 1: I’m forever free indeed
Soloist 2: You bought my redemption I’m free!
Back up: Hallelujah, I’m free indeed

Uh oh… (prayer tongues)
You purchased my freedom by his blood
You forgave my sins
I’m made anew in him
Hallelujah, I’m free indeed


About Enyo Sam

Enyo Sam is a Nigerian-born Gospel singer, worship leader, songwriter, multimedia specialist, and online entrepreneur.

He dropped his debut single – Loving Me – followed up with You Love in 2018 and with the release of – Nations will Rise in 2019, also with the debut edition of his worship concert – Davidic Worship 2019 that headlines the likes of Anthony Kani, Ernieola Olusoga, Chucks Peters, Manus Akpanke, Yadah and more.

Enyo Sam is a talent you should watch out for because he has gotten a lot of potentials and gifts to write powerful songs that will be a huge blessing to you.


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