Friday, September 22, 2023

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Femi Fasan Makes Stellar Debut Appearance w/ ‘Ire Mi De’ [My Goodness Has Come] | Prod. by @iamwoleoni || @iamfemifasan

It is not the usual. It is AFRO POP! Femi Fesan comes through the release of his groovy debut single titled – ‘Ire Mi De’ – a single brought forth from the place of Spirit, passion and purpose fulfillment. 

The song title – Ire Mi De is a Yoruba word which translates to “My Goodness Has Come”.

‘Ire Mi De’ leaves a sweet taste in your heart, for every time you hear it. You connect with it personally, as everyone wants good in his or her life. It keeps you expectant and hopeful. It leaves you grateful and assured.

Femi Fasan is a prolific and diverse artist, who did not allow his passion and love for music to deter him from going all out to obtain his Bachelor’s Degree and his Executive Master Degree. On the contrary, he used every phase of his academical career and advancement as a tool to express his passion for Music.

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He has served and led various choirs and musical organizations. He has received awards. He has also worked with many popular artists, among which are Samsong, Segun Obe, Ggenga Wise, Soji Israel and many others.

His admiration for Fred Hammond and Marvin Sapp majorly informed his decision to do Music in a positively unusual approach. That leaves the listener craving for more. He strongly believes that song composition and delivery should always be done with uniqueness and expertise. Such that the listener is left with a lasting impression.

In ‘Ire Mi De’, Femi goes further to give hope to the listener in this song. According to him – ”people can mock you when you seem to be down, forgetting that only God’s blessings makes one rich without adding sorrow.”

Ire Mi De is so powerful and filled with prayers that you can’t sing with faith and not see positive changes in your life!

Produced by the maestro, Ambassador Wole Oni for WOMP Music Productions.



Facebook | Instagram | Twitter: @iamfemifasan

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