Thursday, September 28, 2023

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#FLOSPEAKS: Gospel Music Vs Secular Music: Part 2 by FLOROCKA || @FLOROCKA

Guess who’s out to saturate the world of Gospel music with the right knowledge needed to skyrocket Gospel music, its artistes and other related kingdom content to a whole new level?? It’s the “unrestricted” FLOROCKA with yet another new visual edition of #FLOspeaks; a follow up on the series ‘Gospel Vs Secular’ music.

Previous editions of #FLOspeaks have been really mind-blowing, vision clarifying, thought-provoking and simply more than words can describe. It keeps getting better & better. Catch the previous editions – Gospel Music Vs Secular Music: Part 1 , & “If You Take in Trash, You Will Only Give Out Trash” – FLO
With a great command of English and clarity of vocabulary combined with a deep passion for the work of the ministry of our Lord, FLO further elucidates on the dilemma faced by many artistes who seek to express their gifts without barriers.

 “You need to discover where God has placed you, sit in that office and then define yourself from that point” – FLO says.

This video gives an insight on how to deal with some of these issues. Dig into it!!!

Watch Full Video Here –

YouTube video


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