Sunday, September 24, 2023

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#FLOSPEAKS: Music Ministers Of The Gospel – Watch Out For Professed Gate Keepers || @FLOROCKA

Featured – God is no respecter of persons. You will hear many say, I am the ‘this’ of Gospel music, I am the ‘that’ of Gospel music. They give you this impression that they are the gate keepers and custodians of gospel music. Hear me and hear me well, these people are liars! They are wolves in sheep skin. Such people have become self-conceited, arrogant, prideful and full of themselves that they practically ‘stink’ of it. The giver of every gift is the keeper of the gate. Hence, if your gift is drawn from copying or covetousness, your source will own your gate. 

Listen to me intently without prejudice. You don’t have to worship any pastor, deacon or bishop to earn your gift – a voice. God gave you that gift or gifts for a PURPOSE. These so called self acclaimed ‘gate keepers’ have no clue what this PURPOSE is an the more reason why you should be weary towards expressing your gifts. Longevity in the gospel music ministry is not a MASTER key to understanding any or every man’s purpose. That a man or woman has been in the Gospel music ministry for 25 years doesn’t certify them as understanding the GATE. God OWNS the gate to the giftings He dishes out and might I say that He (God) gives the gifts as He pleases. 

Mind you, (for those who covet the giftings of everyone who seems to get more traction than them), the more talents you have, the greater the amount of work you must put in to perfect them. Displaying your numerous talents all over the place doesn’t guarantee success. You develop it – it grows, you hang it on the shelf – it gathers moss. A man can be in ministry for over 30 years and God raises another, younger to Him and such a person achieves more than the former and with less effort – case in point? Samuel (at the age of 13). 

GOD DOES NOT LOVE ANYONE BASED ONE THEIR QUANTUM OF GIFTS! Isn’t it amazing how in a choir you find some musicians highly gifted than others, yet the basis for God receiving our worship isn’t based on our quantum of talents? Yet you find several professed music ministers bribing, begging, struggling, stifling for the expression of their gifts! Such foolishness! Do you think when we gather in communal worship that God focus on the quantum of giftings being exercised? He receives our worship under 2 major premises; in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. His worship is really that simple. 

Stop subjecting your gifts to treachery and ridicule. Don’t be hungry for any platform – all in the bid to express your gifts and win souls for Jesus Christ. Search your motives and stay on the path of truth. Remember, the more effective your gifts become the more envy you will receive from the very ones who sing your praise. 

Don’t bow down to any entity inorder to exercise the giftings of God! Don’t fall prey to the so called ‘gatekeepers’. They will deceive, defraud and distort your vision. If God is your road map – Go to Him. 

Tis profound foolishness to expect God to sponsor and sustain what other gods give to you. 



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God bless you sir! Such couldn't have been revealed to anyone but through experience. It takes a whole lot of courage to share these profound thoughts.

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