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‘Jesus Is Alive and Religion Is Dead’ – Raps MC Jin on Popular US Hip-Hop Radio Show

Rapper and outspoken Christian, MC Jin, recently made an appearance at the DoomsDay Cypher on the popular satellite radio show SwaysUniverse where he rapped a radical message. The segment featured several rappers and Jin used his part to first address the demand for him to return to the battle rap scene he once dominated. He then touched on his faith in an aggressive and interesting way.

“Jin, ain’t you a Christian rapper and you forget, it’s like 30 something bars and you ain’t mention Jesus yet,” boasted the MC. “I saved the best for last don’t forget what I said. Yes Jesus is alive and religion is dead.”

As the verse continues, Jin address those that go to church and read the Bible who believe they’re doing what Jesus asks of them, but stresses that the most important thing to these people should be their relationship with God.

“It’s all a question of how’s your relationship with the Father? In the end you ain’t gotta’ know Jin. That’s not important, all you need to know is that I know Him,” rapped Jin while holding up his shirt that had the last three words from his rap written across the chest — I know HIM!

He even reemphasized the line one more time before the segment ended. The cypher also featured Reach Records rapper Andy Mineo.

MC Jin made a name for himself in the battle rap circuit in the late 1990s and early 2000s. After achieving success in the battle world he signed a record deal with the Ruff Ryders. However, his battle rap style didn’t translate as well to the music world with his debut album only selling 100,000 albums.

He parted ways with Ruff Ryders and decided to take a break from rap in 2005. In 2009 he became a born-again Christian and began releasing music with a more spiritual message.

“I think what I rap about and what I write and perform on stage is not the priority,” Jin said. “The priority is what type of life am I living? That’s the section of my walk that I’m in right now, which is just putting more emphasis on non-music related stuff: How am I serving at home as far as my family, wife and child? How am I serving the group of individuals that God has placed in my circle, just daily life, work life?”

Jin’s latest album “XIV:LIX” was released in October 2014.


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