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Jlyricz – ”Destinambari” || @iam_jlyricz

Nigerian singer-songwriter Jlyricz releases his brand new single; a Valentine’s special “Destinambari” and it’s all shades of beauty. The song is tailor-made for lovers and romantics as we celebrate love and romance this Valentine season.

Destinambari is a smooth Afro-soul love song that deals with the themes of love, romance, dedication and faithfulness. 

The title Destinambari is a parody of Dus Numbri which is the main soundtrack of the 1976 classic Indian movie Yeh Duniya Ek Numbri.

”Your eyes shine like a thousand stars, your colours, infinite they are” are the opening line of the smooth Afropop ballad drenched in soft hums, sweet melodies and beautiful sounds all through. Jlyricz approaches his delivery in a laid-back sofa style as he lavishes praises on the woman of his dreams while promising her his attention, love and faithfulness.

Destinambari is a love song made for the Valentines season; for everyone in love, everyone who has ever loved, everyone looking and praying for love. And this beautiful song is for old and young.

Composed, written and co-produced by Jlyricz while engineering is handled by E-Mex.

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Instagram: @iam_jlyricz
Twitter: @iam_jlyricz
Facebook: Jlyricz

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