Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Jumoke Omotoso – ”Gbekele” (Official Video)

Jumoke Omotoso is out with a powerful studio single and video titled ”Gbekele”.

“Gbekele” is a song of reflection that encourages absolute faith in God, even during difficult times. The Yoruba title, which translates to “Depend on God,” sets the tone for the entire piece. Life’s disappointments, heartbreaks, and negative situations can lead to doubts and distrust in God. The motivation behind “Gbekele” is to bring back those who have lost and or at the verge of losing faith in Him.

In the lyrics, Jumoke emphasizes how relying on God’s love and grace can bring hope and strength in tough situations. Ultimately, putting trust in God is the best option. The melody is captivating and listeners can feel the uplifting and inspiring message of the song. Overall, “Gbekele” is a profound and lovely song that highlights the power of faith and total reliance on God.

Jumoke’s soulful voice and intentional lyrics showcase her musical talent and dedication to spreading a message of hope and love. The song speaks to the heart and soul, providing encouragement to those facing challenges or needing a reminder of the importance of faith.

It is Jumoke’s hope that all children of God who have strayed will return to the ever-welcoming arms of the Father and have their faith restored. She trusts that their burdens will be lifted, sorrows turned into joy, and that they become witnesses of the Gospel, testifying that only Jesus Christ can save.

WATCH: Jumoke Omotoso – ”Gbekele” (Official Video)



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