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Malcolm Rue – ”Yellow Soul 2” || @rue_perfect

Malcolm Rue‘s highly anticipated album, “Yellow Soul 2” released on June 9, 2023 is a heartfelt tribute and an artistic masterpiece. 

This album serves as an expression of gratitude to God, family, friends, and fans who have supported him throughout his journey. With a captivating blend of diverse musical genres and cultures, including Brazilian, Latino, American, and African influences, Malcolm Rue showcases his creativity and versatility in this project.

The album opens with the infectious summer anthem “Feeling Good” featuring Grammy Award-winning American artiste – Greg Cox. Malcolm Rue’s laid-back rap meshes seamlessly with Greg Cox’s soulful vocals, creating a feel-good track that perfectly captures the essence of the season.

“Yakpa 3.0” featuring Dominican American rapper Ada Betsabe takes listeners on an energetic journey with its upbeat tempo. This sequel showcases the fusion of Latin and African music, resulting in an exhilarating and infectious banger.

In “Yahweh,” Malcolm Rue exhibits his versatility by incorporating elements of tango and Afrobeat. The collaboration with Brazilian singer Paola Carla adds an extra layer of sensationalism to this genre-bending track, making it one of the standout songs on the album.

“A.O.Y.E” featuring Ugandan-based group A Tribe Apart is a sensational R&B track that represents the acronym for “Apple of Your Eyes.” Malcolm Rue’s smooth vocals, combined with the group’s harmonies, create a captivating and soulful experience.

The album continues with “You Love Me,” a beautiful love song where Malcolm Rue’s delivery shines. The melodious tune showcases his versatility, further solidifying his artistic prowess.

“Jara 2.0” takes listeners deeper into Malcolm Rue’s roots as he raps in his indigenous language, Igbo. The track’s seamless blend of traditional elements and a sensational guitar solo creates a captivating fusion of sounds.

Returning to his roots, Malcolm Rue collaborates with his old-time friend Emmanuel C.C. in “Furo Street,” delivering an amazing blend that pays homage to their shared musical journey. The inclusion of vocals from The Reubenites adds another layer of depth to this unique and successful collaboration.

“Thank You For The Flowers” stands out as the album’s theme song, serving as an emotional expression of gratitude. Malcolm Rue acknowledges the love and support he has received from God, his family, friends, and fans, forming the foundation of this album.

“Energy” brings listeners a beautiful Afrobeat experience, with Malcolm Rue’s melodious vocals and impressive rap skills on full display. This track embodies the vibrant and uplifting spirit of African music.

The remix of “It’s You” featuring Kim of Diamonds is a motivational anthem that lives up to expectations. With contributions from A Tribe Apart and Malawian R&B sensation Kim of Diamonds, this version elevates the original song to new heights.

“Sunflower Remix” showcases Malcolm Rue’s creativity as he masterfully blends two songs from the “Yellow Soul” album. The resulting fusion becomes an instant crowd favorite, highlighting the artist’s ability to create captivating musical experiences.

“All Day Classical” featuring A Tribe Apart is a standout track that showcases Malcolm Rue’s exceptional artistry. The song takes a daring twist by flipping the original rap version into a classical masterpiece, seamlessly incorporating choir, rap, and breathtaking violin and keyboard solos. This complex composition is a testament to Malcolm Rue’s genius and sets it apart as one of the most exceptional songs in recent memory.

In summary, “Yellow Soul 2” is a remarkable album that transcends boundaries and brings together diverse musical influences. Malcolm Rue’s expression of gratitude and appreciation shines through each track, while his creative vision and versatility are on full display. 

This album is a testament to his growth as an artist and is bound to leave a lasting impact on the music industry.



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